Fully automatic, around the clock, reliable, stabile, nearly maintenance-free - these are the characteristics of our stacker for the non-ferrous and steel industry. Huge dimensions, heavy payloads, wide temperature ranges, excellent positioning accuracy, a cross beam withour guidung rod system, low construction height, fast clockrates even with heavy weight.

Plants like these are already in service.

Our stacker is scalable, this means we precisely adjust to the plates you are processing, the number of stacking grounds in your company - or even if necessary to your entire warehouse?


Our stackers – behind cut-to-length lines – for thin plates.

Polished or dressed to size plates, as well as photocoated plates are treated so gentle that scratches and damages are impossible.

This particular concept needs neither a conveyor belt equipped with suction cups nor moving parts nor a heavy-duty drive. So the usual heavy-duty drives, tensioning devices and belt adjustments are not applied, since they are the neuralgic spots.

Through the low weight, the drastically reduced energy consumption and the simplified maintenace, this stacker is ecological!

The plates are hanging on an air cushion, while below there is enough room stacking grounds.

Remarkable feature: Our stacker is scalable, this means we are able to adapt it exactly to your plates and your number of stacking grounds.

We'll sort things out !!!