Kids, it's easy !

Everybody knows the vaccum principle from his own home:

When you put your palm on the end of the tube of a running vacuum cleaner, it is aspirated and held by the vacuum cleaner. Vaccum lifting devices work the same way.

Sounds easy.

Of course, for the transportation of material, different dimensions, based on fact knowledge of framework design, sophisticated control engineering and further technological know-how are necessary. Furthermore, every plant has to be designed adequately to your production process, operation ambient and cranes already in service.

Considering the type of load is important as well: plates or sheets (hot or glowing), concrete tubes (wet or covered with hoarfrost), exposed aggregate concerte plates, paper reels, fiberboards, channeled sheets, corroded steel plates, corrugated boards, etc.

The vaccum lifting devices made by LUBAS are able to cope with it.