For a long-term guarantee of highest quality and in order to realize new ideas quickly, we are able to afford a long-range vertical integration, which is unique in our industrial sector:

  • Mechanical vacuum technical designs,
  • Constructional steelwork for unit weights of up to 40 tons,

  • Large-scale mechanical manufacturing methods, CNC and conventional handling of unit weights of up to 2 tons

  • Electrotechnical design,
  • Manufacturing of equipment cabinets and control systems,
  • Programming of control systems,

  • Construction of prototypes and testing,

  • Vulcanisation of standard and custom designed components,
  • Elastomers for special purposes,
  • Development of rubber components,
  • Tool- and mould-making,

  • Development and manufacturing of universal components, e.g. vacuum remanence valves, suction cups, LED signals etc.

  • On-site installation and set-up,
  • Servicing, maintenance and upgrading by qualifies personal of LUBAS,

  • All from one source.