We did not invent the vacuum, be we are reinventing it continuosly:

  • Loads of up to 50 tons and side lengths of more than 30 metres,
  • Accurate transportation,
  • Easy handling,
  • Almost wear-free technology,
  • Stabile, reliable and safe (no shifting of cargo, no canting),
  • Very gentle load suspension, also of sensitive loads,
  • Fully automatic service (24 hours/3 shifts),
  • Little service requirements and maintenance work,
  • Automatic plant with high positioning accuracy.

Advantages over magnetic plants:

  • No backup battery on the crane,
  • Significantly lighter,
  • More payload or lighter cranes are possible,
  • Less wear and tear,
  • Damage-free transports,
  • Easiest singling,
  • Ferrous materials are not magnetized,
  • Also lifts non-ferrous materials

Advantages over standard slingers with chains, loops etc.:

  • Preventing the workforce from sanitary damages – reduction of work-related ilnesses and industrial injuries (e.g. slipped discs, jammed limbs)

  • Absolutely safe attachment
  • Significant reduction of cycle times – stress-free
  • Fastest amortisation